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We are pleased to make available these issues of our Newsletter that highlight news of the activities of the Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada.

Edition #1  September 2021         Edition #2 November 2021
Edition #3 March 2022                 Edition #4 September 2022
Edition #5 January 2023               Edition #6 June 2023              Edition #7 September 2023         
Edition #8 January 2024              Edition #9 June 2024

Our members present papers at Council meetings and we are pleased to provide these for your “daily advancement in Masonic education.”

From M. Ven. Bro. Glenson Jones

Capital City Council #154 Council of the Nine Muses History of AMD to 2009 Lodge of Superintendents
Meditation of the Rites of FM Order of the Secret Monitor Council of 9 Muses–A status note Degree of St. Lawrence the Martyr
The Degrees of AMD The Evolution of an Order The first 12 years of the Architect The first annual communication 1985
The Nine Muses and the inquiring mind The Rites of Masonry The state of AMD in Canada The York Rite of FM

More will appear when we receive some from the brethren. Below we present past issues of The Architect, our annual collection of papers from across the country.


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No issues were produced for 1986-1988. Here is an Index for 1983 — 2000.

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our 25th

If you’d like to work on a paper for submission, this page has a handy writing guide. It is from The Quarry Project which was a Masonic Research and Preservation Conference held in 2024.