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AMD Canada is strong and alive and basically doing what it should be doing: that is, bringing brothers together to research and learn. We are one of the Masonic bodies that are growing in interest among masons. We simply have what masons want and don’t necessarily get.
If you look closely with open eyes and hearts, you will notice that we are being noticed. We are being invited and recognized by most of the grand bodies of masonry in Canada and around the world. So many invitations were received this year and many DDGMs were called upon to bring greetings from our Grand Council. I thank them all for stepping up and professionally representing our Grand Body. You did us proud.
The recognition between other AMD Grand Councils around the world is happening at lightning speed. We are presently awaiting requests from Gabon and the Philippines. Yes, AMD is growing, and the interest of our entity is also growing. I am sure that our founders are extremely proud of what is being accomplished.

Source: Annual Address to the Grand Council, August 2022

Robert Dupel, SGM AMD of Canada