As Sovereign Grand Master I extend greetings to all our members and visitors.

Please come in, look around and learn more about the Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada. If you are not a Freemason, but interested in finding more about our craft this site will direct you to the links to the Grand Lodge websites across Canada to assist you finding the answers to your questions. But first browse through our pages.

The Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada is a national organization with 23 Councils spanning Canada from coast to coast. A primary focus of the Councils is to have members prepare and present papers on aspects of all branches of the Craft that we may all profit and grow from the experience. This brings together, in small groups, Freemasons who are interested in the advancement of all Freemasonry, preparing themselves to better serve the Craft through the medium of study and research.

Every candidate for admission to the Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees must first be a Master Mason and a Companion of the Holy Royal Arch.

If you are a member of a Canadian AMD Council and would like to visit another Council please feel free to contact the Secretary of that Council to get further information on their meeting dates and times. (Click on Canadian Councils).

If you are an AMD member from another Grand Jurisdiction please contact our Grand Secretary for information on visitation. (Click on Contact us, below).

If you are interested in receiving more information please do not hesitate to leave your contact information. One of our members will be in touch with you.


T. Bilardino Segui, S.G.C.
Sovereign Grand Master 2017 – 2019