SGM Turner’s Address 2015

SGM’s Inaugural Address 2015

8 August 2015

M. Ven. The Past Sovereign Grand Master, Distinguished visitors, Grand Council Officers, Brethren, Good Afternoon.

I stand here today both Honoured and Humbled by your decision to elect me as your Sovereign Grand Master.  I promise you that I will do my best to uphold and maintain the dignity of this High Office and follow the bright example set by my predecessors.

I would like to thank M. Ven. Bro. William Laycock SGC, PSGM and the team for the professional manner in which I was installed in this high office.

To our Past Sovereign Grand Masters thank you for your support and attendance at our Grand Assembly. You are the foundation that keeps this organization going.

Unfortunately M. Ven. Bro. Bill Liepert SGC. PSGM could not be with us today due to health reasons.  Bill has been a mentor to me in all my York Rite travels and is the one that brought me into AMD.

To our Deputy Grand Master R. Ven. Bro Bill Sequi, Congratulations.  I look forward to working with you the next 2 years and know that your vast experience and knowledge will be an asset to this Grand Council

To all the elected and appointed Grand officers and Chairman of various Committees I thank you for taking the responsibilities of this Grand Body.  I know you will be an asset to this Grand Council and look forward to working with you. To the officers and committee chairs that are remaining in office, I thank you for your continued service to this organization.

To the ones retiring, I thank you for your years of service.

Two that I am going to single out are, Bill Laylock for 27 years and Larry Halliday for 19 years.  Both have stated they are stepping back to enjoy their retirement years and thank them and wish them well.   

To the Grand Secretary R. Ven. Bro. Brian Rountree. Thank you for your commitment and hard work to this Grand Body. It has been a pleasure working with you these past two years and I look forward to the next two as you point me in the right direction.

To all the members of AMD Councils without you this Grand Council would not exist.  Your presence here today shows your dedication to AMD.

To our visiting Brethren and representatives of sister Jurisdictions

Your presence here today means so much to us.  It is my hope that your visit was both pleasurable and profitable.  Please take away our warm fraternal greetings and I look forward to attending your Grand Sessions.

To the members of the organizing committee thank you for your work in making this one of our greatest Assemblies.

My Brethren

During my Masonic journey one of the rewarding experiences I have encountered is the opportunity of visiting with the Brethren from across Canada and the World.

This has allowed me to meet and kindle friendships with many great men who have similar values to mine.  My plans are to visit every Council at least once during my term. I am in the process of finalizing this year’s itinerary after I have made arrangement to Consecrate Borealis and Golden Horseshoe Councils this fall.

What drew me to AMD?  Something that I found was missing in other Masonic bodies and that was the emphasis on research and discussion.  Unfortunately as I read emails from and the report of R. V. Bro. John Reynolds, Editor of The Architect, I found that this seems to be declining in parts of our organization.  I concur with his recommendation that each Council submit two papers per year. We do not want to lose what is our main purpose of our existence.

Lastly I could not finish without thanking our IPSGM, M. Ven. Bro. Prince Selvaraj, SGC, for his devotion to the duties of his office and his mentoring these past two years. You are a credit not only to this Grand Council but to all of Masonry and you are to be congratulated on all that you have accomplished. You have brought the Allied Masonic to the forefront of Masonic Organizations in visibility and growth. Your energy in carried out your duties is commendable and I must say you will be are a hard act to follow.   

Before we close, Brethren, thank you again for taking the time to attend this Assembly: have a safe trip home and I hope to see you in Victoria next year.

M. Ven. Bro. Robert Turner SGC

Sovereign Grand Master