SGM Selvaraj Address 2013

M. Ven. the Past Sovereign Grand Masters, Distinguish visitors, Grand Council officers, members and my Brethren; Good Afternoon.

I stand here today Honoured but Humbled by your decision to elect me as your Sovereign Grand Master. A decision, I pledge will never go in vain.I promise you my Brethren, I will do my best to uphold and maintain the dignity of this high Office and walk in the path many of my predecessors have travelled.

Since we started this Grand Session my eyes are looking for our beloved the late R. Ven. Bro. James A. Shaw. You all know he has passed to the Grand Council above this March at the young age of 92+. He was a very active member of this Grand body and was loved by all. He was my good friend and my mentor. We will remember his smile and cherish his memories in our hearts.

First of all I would like to thank R. Ven. Bro. Noel Joseph & Ven. Bro. Jacob Joseph for their kind invitation which made it possible for me to be part of this great Organization. Ven. Bro. Jacob Joseph is still in the long term care and unable to be with us today. May the Great Disposer of all be with him and grant him a speedy recovery.


My sincere “Thank You” to M. Ven. Bro. William R. J. Laycock SGC, PSGM, for the kind and warm manner in which he has installed me in this very important office. Sir, we have known each other for many years and have become firm friends and today that bond has been further cemented. I thank you once again for your kindness and friendship and hope it will continue in the future.

I would also like to thank our retiring Sovereign Grand Master M. Ven. Bro. William F. Leipert SGC for a wonderful term of Office and for leading this Grand Council with Distinction and Honour. Have a great retirement; I am looking forward for your guidance.

To our Past Sovereign Grand Masters: Thank you for your continues support and attendance at our Grand Session. You are the pillars of this Organization and hope it will continue for many years.

To our Deputy Grand Master R. Ven. Bro. Robert Turner. Congratulations and welcome. R. Ven. Bro. Turner comes with a vast Masonic Knowledge and experience and I know he will be an asset to our Order. Bro. Turner I am looking forward to work with you in the next two years and beyond.

To all the elected and appointed Grand Officers and Chairmen of various Committees. I thank you for taking the responsibilities of this Grand Body. Thank you for being the leaders who are willing to take our beloved order into the future. Together my Brethren, I know we could make things happen.

To all the members of AMD Councils. You are the main reason for the existence of our Order. You are the front line workers, the grass roots of our Order. Your presence here shows your passion and dedication. I thank you for that. We must focus on maintaining a proper balance between securing new candidates and ensuring that they are educated and engaged.

To our visiting Brethren and representatives of our sister Jurisdictions.

1). M.Ven. Bro. Matthew D. Dupee SGM of AMD USA. I sincerely thank you for attending our Grand Session and for your support and friendship. May your remaining term as SGM will be of good health and of great success. Also my congratulations to you as you take over the reigns of the Knights of the York Cross of Honour (KYCH) as Grand Master General in Sept. 2013 in Nashville, TN.

2). Special thank you to Ven. Bro. Terry G. Baker, Ven. Bro. Anthony M. Chamberlin and Ven. Bro. David G. Boring of Eastern Michigan Council No. 450 for attending our Grand session. My Brothers, I thank you for the friendship and brotherly love you have bestowed upon me in the past years. You not only welcomed me into your Council but also opened your hearts and homes to me. You have treated me as your own Brother. I cannot thank you enough for that. I am looking forward to attend your (Michigan) Grand York Rite Session in 4 days and strengthen our friendship.

3). To the Grand Third Principal, Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province on Ontario, To the Most Illustrious Grand Master and the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Ontario, To the Assistance Grand Supreme Ruler of the OSM of Canada and To the R. Ven. Bro. Oscar Alleyne Grand Superintendent of New York, I thank you for taking time to attend our Grand Session.

Your presence here today means so much to us. It is my hope that your stay with us was of profit and pleasure. Please take away with you our warm fraternal greetings and fond memories. I am looking forward to attend your Grand Sessions and strengthen our bonds.

Brethren, events such as today do not simply happen. A great deal of thought, planning and work is required. My heartfelt “thank you” to our General Chairman and his staff for ensuring that this Grand Session has gone off so well. We have also witnessed an unusually complicated amount of ceremonial, all of which has been managed with precision and dignity and on your behalf my Brethren, I thank the General Chairman R. Ven. Bro. John Nelson Smith and his team of dedicated members for the part which they have played in making this weekend so enjoyable.

The members of the organizing committee please stand and be recognized. ………………………..

Thank you allfor your hard work and dedication to this Grand Body.

To the Grand Secretary: R. Ven. Bro. Brian Rountree. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to this Grand Body. Within a short period of taking Office you have made a very positive impact on our Brethren and the way they see our Grand Council. Thank you for your assistance in the recent months and thank you for a very successful Grand session.

May I have the members of RCP No. 170, RichmondHill No. 168 & Burlington No. 70 to stand and be recognized………………………

Thank you my Brethren for not only being here today but also for your support and encouragement in the past. I hope your love will continue in the future.

My Brethren, It is my hope that we will concentrate on membership and ritual during the next two years. We have a good product in our hands. The product we trust, love and enjoy, called Allied Masonic Degrees. Let’s work together to achieve this goal. Let’s educate our new members, let’s do proper ritual work proper opening and closing so that we will attract more members into our Councils. Education and visitation will motivate and retain members. Please visit Councils in your Districts and support your District Deputies. We received this great Masonic Order from our forefathers. We will not give it to our children in any lesser shape. We have to build this Order and when the time come, handover to our children is a far better shape. I come to you for your support to achieve this goal.

Talking about membership a Brother from RCP Council No. 170 set a prime example for us. He organized a Royal Arch Masons day and the Council was able to secure 8 applications in one day. Brothers like him go that extra mile to support their Council and this Grand Body. Brethren on your behalf I would like to Congratulate and thank Bro. Richard Allgood for his dedication to Allied Masonic Degrees. Bro. Allgood please stand and be recognized.

Last but not least I must thank Shanthi, my wife of 29 years. Without her I would have never achieved anything in Masonry. She has given me unconditional encouragement and support since I became a Mason and I hope it will continue.

Before we close I must pay a special tribute and thank all the Brethren whose company and friendship I have so much enjoyed and long may it continue. Brethren, enjoy your Allied Masonry to the fullest and I look forward to being with you all on many, many, many occasions.

Brethren before you leave please obtain a copy of my Itinerary from our Grand Tyler.

Grand Officers please stay behind for a quick meeting with our Grand Secretary and me.

God bless us all.

Thank you.

Prince D. Selvaraj SGC

Sovereign Grand Master (2013 – 2015)

AMD Canada