SGM Prince D. Selvaraj


Sovereign Grand Master, 2013–2015

Prince began his early education at Point Pedro Methodist Girls High School (Co Ed.) and moved to Zahira College in Puttalam due to his parent’s employment. Later, the Family moved back to Point Pedro where he continued his Education at Hartley College.

In school, Prince was an active member of the Boy Scouts and was a Prefect in the High School. Active in sports he was involved in soccer, tennis and athletics. He was also an active member of the College Photographic Society, Natural Science Club and was the President of the High School Students’ Union.

After High School, Prince joined the Sri Lankan Police Force. He graduated from the Police College in 1979 and was commissioned as a Sub Inspector of Police. Prince served in many branches of the Police Force: Administration, Crime, Traffic, Vice and Minor offences are a few to mention. He was also trained in anti-terrorist warfare and bomb disposal. In 1987, he was promoted to the rank of Inspector and served as the Officer in Charge of Police Stations. Prince received numerous commendations and awards from the Inspector General of Police during his service as a Police Officer.

In 1980, Prince met Shanthi who was working as a steno typist with the State Intelligence Services of the Sri Lankan Police Force. They were married in 1984 at the Methodist Church in Point Pedro while the country was in the midst of a civil war. The couple built their own home in a small town called Ja-ella near the country’s Capital, Colombo, and lived there until 1991.

The effects of this civil war were personally felt by Prince and Shanthi in 1998 when they were devastated by the terrible news that the aircraft, Prince’s Mother was travelling in from North of Sri Lanka to Colombo on her way back to Canada was shot down and crashed into the Indian Ocean where it still remains. Today even after so many years the family could not find closure and still lives with these shocking events.

In 1991, Prince and Shanthi moved to Canada to find peace and prosperity and made it their adopted home. While in Canada Prince obtained a Diploma in Police Sciences and Adult Psychology. He graduated from the Ontario Correctional Services College and is employed as a Correctional Officer at the Metropolitan Toronto West Detention Centre working with special needs Offenders and enjoys doing so. Shanthi has just finished (after 17 years) running her own business and is now semi- retired. Prince and Shanthi currently live in Scarborough, Ontario and plan to do so until their planned retirement in another 10 years. Both are members of the St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Scarborough.

When not involved with family and Masonic activities, Prince enjoys hunting, target shooting, country music and driving, fast of course. Shanthi loves quiet evenings at home, reading, walking their dog and music. Both love to travel to Sri Lanka to see Shanthi’s family as often as possible. Freemasonry especially involvement and participation in the Allied Masonic Degrees has become an important focus of Prince’s life. He feels that he is very blessed with such a loving wife who gives unconditional support to all his numerous Masonic activities.

Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, AF & AM:
Initiated in The Beaches Lodge No. 473  GLC in PofO, AF & AM: 2003
Served as Worshipful Master: 2010/2011.
Affiliated, The Heritage Lodge No.730  GLC in PofO, AF & AM: 2006 (Life Member)
Currently serving as Junior Warden.
Affiliated, Freedom Military Lodge No.1775  USA: 2008 (Life Member).
Affiliated, Dufferin Daylight Lodge No.570  GLC in PofO, AF & AM: 2008.
Served as Worshipful Master Dufferin Daylight Lodge No.570  GLC in PofO: 2012/2013.
Affiliated, Anniversary Lodge No.733  GLC in PofO, AF & AM: 2011.

Royal Arch Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario:
Exalted in King Cyrus Chapter No.232 GRC: 2005 (Life Member).
Served as First Principal: 2010/2011.
Currently serving as Scribe N – King Cyrus Chapter No.232.
Affiliated Orient Chapter No.79 GRC: 2007 (Life Member).
Chairman, Assistance to Chapters – District 8: 2008/2009.
Member, Grand Chapter Public Relations Committee: 2009 – 2012.
Chairman, Publicity & Communications – District 9: 2011/2012.
Elected, Grand Superintendent District 9: 2012/2013.
Member, Grand Chapter Condition of Capitular Masonry: 2012/2013.
Appointed Grand Representative to the Grand Chapter of Switzerland: 2013.
Honorary Memberships:
The Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Minnesota: 2012.
The Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Michigan: 2013.

Royal and Select Masters of Ontario:
Greeted in Adoniram Council No.2 GCO: 2006.
Served as Thrice Illustrious Master 2010/2011.
Anointed in the Order of the Silver Trowel, Ontario: 2010 (Life Member).
Awarded Thrice Illustrious Master of the year: 2010/2011.
Affiliated Huron Council No.25 GCO: 2011.
Currently serving as Captain of the Guard.
Affiliated Salem Council No.9 GCO: 2011 (Life Member).
Appointed, Grand Marshal 2011/2012.
Elected, Grand Captain of the Guard 2012/2013.
Elected to the Grand Executive: 2013/2014.
Appointed, Co-chairman Public Relations Committee: 2013/2014.
Affiliated Enoch Council No.10  GCO: 2013 (Life Member).
Honorary Memberships:
Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters – Grand Council, Michigan: 2011.
Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters – Grand Council, New York: 2011.
Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters – Grand Council, Ohio: 2011.
Order of Thrice Illustrious Masters – Supreme Grand Council of Royal and Select -Masters, Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada: 2012.
Honorary Past R. Ill. Grand Director of Ceremonies – Supreme Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters, Eastern Jurisdiction of Canada: 2012.
Council of Thrice Illustrious Masters – Grand Council, Minnesota: 2012.
Honorary Award of ISH SODI – Grand Council, Minnesota: 2012.
Order of Thrice Illustrious Masters – Grand Council of Illinois: 2012.
Honorary Member – Grand Council of Illinois: 2012.
Honorary Award of ISH SODI – Grand Council of Illinois: 2012.
Honorary Member – Grand Council, R & S Masters of Maryland: 2012.
Honorary Award of ISH SODI – Grand Council, Wisconsin: 2013.Honorary Member – Grand Council of Michigan: 2013.

Royal Ark Mariners of Ontario:
Elevated in Lake Ontario Lodge No.5 GCO: 2006 (Life Member).
Served as Worshipful Commander Noah 2010/2011.
Affiliated Wildwood Lodge No. 22 GCO: 2011 (Life Member).
Affiliated Macassa Bay Lodge No.9 GCO: 2011 (Life Member).
Appointed Grand Director of Ceremonies 2011/2012.
Elected Grand Senior Deacon: 2012/2013.
Elected to the Grand Executive: 2013/2014.
Affiliated Cryptic Lodge No.1 GCO: 2013 (Life Member) .

Sovereign Great Priory of Canada of the United Religious and Military Orders of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta and of the Temple:
Proclaimed Knight in Geoffrey de St. Aldemar Preceptory No.2: 2007.
IORC; Malta; Novice and Installation; Consecration: 2007.
Presiding Preceptor 2011/2012.
Supreme Grand Master’s Membership Award: 2012.
Honorary Memberships:
Knight Crusaders of the Cross – Grand Commandery of Minnesota: 2012.
Past Commanders Association of Michigan: 2013.

Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada:
Admitted to Scarboro-Willowdale Council No.170 GRC (now named Raymond C. Purslow Council No.170) & Anointed Man at Arms and an Esquire of the Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri: 2006.
Knight of Constantinople – York Council No. 133 GRC: 2006.
Affiliated Richmond Hill Council No.168 GRC: 2007 (Life Member).
Affiliated Burlington Council No.70  GRC: 2007.
Coroneted Knight of the Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri: 2007.
Order of the Bath – Grand Session AMD Canada: 2007.
Order of the Cork – Grand Session AMD Canada: 2007.
Grand Tyler of Solomon – Tylers of Solomon Council No. 212  GRC: 2008.
Served as Sovereign Master Raymond C. Purslow Council No.170  GRC: 2009.
Raised to Knight Commander: 2010.
Served as District Secretary (District 2): 2009/2010.
Elected Grand Junior Warden: 2010.
Coroneted Knight Grand Cross: 2010.
Served as Sovereign Master Richmond Hill Council No.168  GRC: 2011.
Elected Deputy Grand Master: 2011 – 2 year term.
Appointed, Chairman “Time & Place” Committee: 2011 – 2013.
Chairman, Grand Executive Committee: 2012 & 2013.
Appointed Grand Representative to the Grand Council of USA: 2013.
Installed as Sovereign Grand Master of the Order: 2013 – 2 year term.
Coroneted Supreme Grand Cross: 2013.

Allied Masonic Degrees of USA:
Member of the Grand Master’s Council: 2008.
Order of the Bath, AMD Masonic Week: 2008.
Order of the Cork, AMD Masonic Week: 2008.
Elected an Honorary Life Member Eastern Michigan Council No. 450: 2008.
Degree of Installed Sovereign Master, Masonic Week: 2009.
Knight Commander, Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri, Masonic Week: 2009.
Knight of Constantinople – Eastern Michigan Council No. 450: 2010.
Appointed to the Officers Line (Tyler) – Grand Master’s Council: 2010.
Installed as Sovereign Master, Grand Master’s Council, USA: 2014.

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite:
Toronto Grand Lodge of Perfection 14o – (Life Member): 2005.
Toronto Sovereign Chapter Rose Croix 18o – (Life Member): 2005.
Moore Sovereign Consistory Hamilton 32o – (Life Member): 2006.
Member of the 17o Cast Since 2007.
Member – Oshawa Scottish Rite Club: 2012.
Founding Member – Toronto Valley Scottish Rite Research Society: 2012.
Member – Toronto Scottish Rite Club: 2013.

AAONM Shrine:
Fezzed a Noble – Rameses Shrine  AAONMS: 2006.
Member – Scarborough Shrine Club: 2007.
Served as President – Scarborough Shrine Club 2009 & 2010.

The Order of the Secret Monitor or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan of Canada:
Inducted into the Order – Toronto Conclave No.3: 2006.
Prince of the Order – Toronto Conclave No.3: 2006.
Founding Member (Counsellor) – Halton Conclave No. 12: 2012.
Served as Supreme Ruler – Halton Conclave No. 12: 2012/2013.
Commissioned as Supreme Ruler of the Order: 2012.
Installed as Supreme Ruler – Toronto Conclave No. 3: 2013/2014 .
Appointed as Grand Registrar: 2013.

The Grand College Of Rites Of The USA:
Elected Life Member: 2007.

The Philalethes Society:
Elected Life Member: 2007.
Awarded FPS (Fellow of the Philalethes Society): 2010.

York Rite Sovereign College of North America:
Order of Knight of York – Athelstan College No.41: 2008 (Life Member).
A member of the Athelstan Nobility: 2009.
Affiliated Edwin York Rite College No. 59: 2013.

Universal Craftsmen Council of Engineers:
Initiated in Canada Council No.27: 2008.
Currently serving as Chaplain – Canada Council No.27.
Affiliated Nihawk Council No.10 USA: 2010.
Served as Worthy Chief Nihawk Council No.10 USA: 2012/2013.
Elected Grand Guard: 2012/2013.
Elected Grand Warden: 2013/2014.
Charter Member Champlain Council No.80: 2013.

The Commemorative Order of St. Thomas of Acon:
Admitted in York Chapel No.66: 2008.
Founding Member (Sub Marshal) Runnymede Chapel No.88: 2009.
Invested as Eminent Prior —Runnymede Chapel No.88: 2012.
Installed and served as Worthy Master – Runnymede Chapel No.88: 2013.

Knight Masons of the USA:
Coroneted a Knight, Great Chief’s Council No.0, USA: 2008 – (Life Member).
Affiliated, Fenian Council No.72, USA: 2008.

Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada of the Red Cross of Constantine:
Installed a Knight Companion of the Red Cross of Constantine – Holy Land Conclave No.3: 2009.
Affiliated – Avon Conclave No. 23: 2013.

The Worshipful Society of Free Masons, Rough Masons, Wallers, Slaters, Pavers, Plasterers and Bricklayers, Known as “The Operatives”:
— Saint Lawrence Seaway Assemblage.
Indentured Apprentice (I*): 2009.
Fellow of the Craft (II*): 2009.
Super Fellow, Fitter & Marker (III*): 2010.
Super Fellow, Setter Erector (IV*): 2011.
Intendent, Overseer, Super Intendent and Warden of the Craft of Free Mason (V*): 2012.
Passed Master (VI*): 2013.
Currently serving as Deputy Master Mason’s Deacon.

Royal Order of the Masonic Knights of the Scarlet Cord:
Elected Ostiarius (Grade I) Masonic Week USA 2010.
Chosen Lector (Grade II) Masonic Week USA 2011.
Promoted Healer & Exorcist (Grade III) Masonic Week USA 2011.
President’s Ceremony – Masonic Week USA 2011.
Preferred Counselor (Grade IV) Masonic Week USA 2012.

Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests or Order of Holy Wisdom: UK
Admitted a Knight Templar Priest – York Tabernacle No. 93: 2010 (Life Member).
Currently serving as KIP.

The Masonic Order of Athelstan:
Initiated – Provincial Grand Court of the USA: 2011.
Founding member – Susquehanna Court No 74, Allentown, PA. USA: 2011.
Appointed Inner Guard – Susquehanna Court No 74: 2011.

Order of the High Priesthood of Ontario:
Annointed, Consecrated and Set apart as High Priest – Abram Council No. 6: 2011.
Currently serving as Sentinel.
Honorary Memberships:
Order of the High Priesthood of Michigan: 2011.
Order of the High Priesthood of Nova Scotia: 2012.
Order of the High Priesthood for the State of Minnesota: 2012.
Order of the High Priesthood of Illinois: 2012.

Mark Master Masons:
Initiated – St.Paul’s Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.131 UGLE: 2012.
Currently serving as Inner Guard.

The Grand Chapter of the Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptors, USA:
Life Member – Sovereign Grand Preceptor’s Chapter: 2012.

Grand College of America – Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests:
Admitted a Knight Templar Priest – Emmaus Tabernacle No. 47 On: 2012

Convent General –  KNIGHTS of the YORK CROSS of HONOUR:
Inducted into Trent Priory No. 74: 2013.

Black Creek Pioneer Village:
Volunteer Masonic Interpreter Since 2007.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association:
Gold Master Member: 2008.
Charter Life Member George Washington Memorial Society: 2013.

Global Fraternal Network: (Internet Lodge):
Corresponding Member since 2009.

Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle:
Corresponding Member since 2012.

High Twelve International:
Charter Member – Maritime Masonic High Twelve Club No. 771 MI. USA: 2013.

Grand Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill:
Admitted to John J. Pershing Order No. 24, Peoria, IL: 2013 (Life Member).

Initiated – Central Illinois’ Forest No. 208: 2013.

Pilgrim Preceptors:
Mayflower Conclave: USA.
Installed Pilgrim: 2013.
Advanced to Preceptor: 2013.

The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels:
Commissioned by the Governor of the Commonwealth of the State of Kentucky as a Honorary Kentucky Colonel: 2010.