SGM Art Payne

Payne 2009 Official photo

M. Ven. Bro. Arthur D. Payne, SGC
Sovereign Grand Master
Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada (2009-2011)


In his private life he has been married to Aleida since December 1980 and has two sons, Arthur Albert born in1981, and Leonard Milan born in 1982. He served as the local registrar for the Sarnia Minor Lacrosse Association from 1995 to 2005 and served as Zone registrar for the Ontario Lacrosse Association in Zone #7 ( London, Windsor, Wallaceburg, Leamington and Sarnia) from 1996 to 2005. He has been an Amateur Radio Operator for over 35 years and collects and repairs clocks as a hobby. He retired as an Insulation Mechanic in 2002.

He was educated in Sarnia and after a few years of travel and university settled as a construction Trades Man working as an Insulation Mechanic for over 30 years in the Local Chemical industry. In the mean time he was apprenticed as a Projectionist and did relief work in the Local theatres for 20 years.


1980 Initiated in Tuscan Lodge February 6
1980 Passed in  March 5
1980 Raised in April 2
1985 Served as Worshipful Master
1986 Served as District Blood Donor Chairman
1987 Served as President of the Past Master Masters and Wardens Association
1988 Has been Secretary of Tuscan Lodge since May 1988
Was one of the initial members of the Shell Degree Team
2001 Appointed Grand Steward
Royal Arch Masons
1981 Received The Holy Royal Arch in Wawanosh Chapter No.15 Royal Arch Masons
1987 Was First Principle of Wawanosh No.15
2002 Also again in  and in 2003
2006-07 Served as Grand Superintendent District No.1
2008 Elected to Grand Executive

Knight Templar
1981 Was proclaimed a Knight of the order of  the Temple of the Sovereign Great Priory of Canada, in St. Simon of Cyrene Preceptory No. 37
1984 Served as Presiding Preceptor
1988 Was elected to the Grand Executive

1981 Constituted a Noble in Mocha Temple
Royal And Select Masters of Ontario
1981 Made a Royal Master In Riblah Council #6, Royal And Select Masters of Ontario
1990 Served as Thrice Illustrious Master
1990 Anointed into the Order of the Silver Trowel
1991 Served as Master of Lake Huron Lodge No.3, Royal Ark Mariners
1993 Was appointed Grand Steward, Royal and Select Masters of Ontario
Scottish Rite
1985 Was elevated to the 14th Degree of Scottish Rite in Sarnia Lodge of Perfection
2008 Competed Scottish Rite degrees
18 degree Rose Croix London Valley
32 Degree Barrie Consistory
York Rite Sovereign College
1986 Elected a member of Paulinus College No.35, York Rite Sovereign College
Presently serving as Deputy Governor
Red Cross of Constantine
1990 Constituted a Knight in Lambton Conclave #31, of the Red Cross of Constantine,
Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada
1999 Installed as Most Puissant Sovereign
2006 Appointed Deputy Grand Intendant General
2007 Presently serving as Registrar
2008 Grand Intendant General of Ontario West
1995 Constituted a Knight in the York Rite Cross of Honour
Presently serving as Sentinel
Order of the High Priesthood of Ontario
2007 Member of Aaron Council No.1
2009 serving as Chaplain
Order of the Secret Monitor
2007 Member of London Conclave No.2
2009 serving as Conductor
2007 Emmaus Tabernacle No. XLVII, serving as Inner Guard.
2009 serving as 2nd pillar
Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada
1989 Was admitted to Mariners Council No. 214,
1994 Honoured as Knight of the Red Branch of Eri
1998 Installed as Master of Mariners Council No. 214
2002 Honoured as a Knight Grand Commander of the Red Branch of Eri
2002 Elected and Served as District Deputy Grand Master District No.1
2003 Elected to the Grand Executive of the Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada
2005 Chairman of the Grand Session  held in Sarnia
2005 Elected Deputy Grand Master in Sarnia
2007 Elected and installed as Sovereign Grand Master of the Allied Masonic Degrees of Canada
Presently serving as Secretary of Mariners Council No. 214
2009 Grand Secretary AMD Canada
2011 Elected as Sovereign Grand Master AMD Canada