Tylers of Solomon Council #212

Meetings: in 2017 — Saturdays at 10 am.– March 11 ; June 10; September 9 ; December 2 [joint Installation with London #68]

Masonic Temple
107 South Street West
Aylmer, Ontario

The December joint Installation with London Council #68 takes place at
London Protestant Hall
1057 Oxford St. East
London, ON

Officers 2017

Sovereign Master R. Ven. Bro. Auby Cox
Immediate Past S. M. Ven. Bro. Bill Lang
Senior Warden V. Ven. Bro. Al Wittet
Junior Warden V. Ven. Bro. Max Meharg
Chaplain V. Ven. Bro. Robert Heil
Treasurer R. Ven. Bro. Aubey Cox
Secretary R. Ven. Bro. John Smith
Asst. Secretary Ven. Bro. Garry Rawcliffe
Senior Deacon Bro. Jim Witherington
Junior Deacon V. Ven. Bro. George Sinden
Inner Guard Bro. Thomas Sage
Tyler R. Ven. Bro. Bert Worthington
D of C V. Ven. Bro. Larry Cook

updated 5 February 2017