Grand Council Officers 2014-2015

S.G.M M.Ven. Bro. Prince D. Selvaraj
I.P.S.G.M. M.Ven. Bro. William F. Leipert
D.G.M R.Ven. Bro. Robert Turner
G.S.W. R. Ven. Bro. T. Bilardino Segui
G.J.W. R. Ven. Bro. Brian Dillon
G. Treas. R.Ven. Bro. Donald M. Martyn
G. Secty R. Ven. Bro. Brian Rountree
G. Reg.

R. Ven. Bro. Auby Cox

G. Sr. Deacon V. Ven. Bro. Donald Campbell
G. Jr. Deacon V. Ven. Bro. Duncan Mann
G. Chaplain V. Ven. Bro. Donald A. Fraser
G. Historian V. Ven. Bro. Sheldon V. Stannard
G. Lecturer M.Ven. Bro. William R. J. Laycock
G. D. of C. V. Ven. Bro. Jeff Schoonmaker
G. Inner Guard  V. Ven. Bro. Brad Archer
Grand Tyler V. Ven. Bro. Mark Cannon
District 1 R.Ven. Bro. David E. Jacklin
District 2 R.Ven. Bro. Ralph Jenkins
District 3 R.Ven. Bro. Richard Hobbs
District 4

R.Ven. Bro. R John Hayes

District 5 R.Ven. Bro. Bob Alderson
District 6 R.Ven. Bro. Ed Wilson
Architect R.Ven. Bro. John W. Reynolds
Archives V.Ven. Bro. Brian D. Stapley
Auditor/Financial Advisor V.Ven. Bro. T. Kennedy Douglas
Awards M. Ven. Bro. William F. Leipert
Charters & Dispensations R. Ven. Bro. Brian Rountree
Condition of Allied Masonry R. Ven. Bro. T. Bilardino Segui
Constitution & Jurisprudence M.Ven. Bro. Lawrence M. Halliday
Credentials R. Ven. Bro. Nick Ellis
Finance & Budget R.Ven. Bro. James H. Hutchinson
Fraternal Relations R. Ven. Bro. George H. Gifford
Grievances & Appeals M.Ven. Bro. Glenson T. Jones
Investments T.B.A.
Long Range Planning R. Ven. Bro. Michael F. G. Hammell
Necrology V. Ven. Bro. Donald A. Fraser
Rituals M.Ven. Bro. William R. J. Laycock
Time & Place R. Ven. Bro. Robert Turner
Webmaster R.Ven. Bro. Brian Rountree assisted by Bro. Michael Bayrak
Rep. of the Grand Council of AMD of England & Wales & Territories Overseas M.Ven. Bro. Glenson T. Jones
The United States of America M. Ven. Bro. Prince D. Selvaraj
Victoria M.Ven. Bro. Kenneth L Whiting
Western Australia M.Ven. Bro. Albert E. Card
France R.Ven. Bro. Michel J.S. Sastre
Enlightened Knight Commander of the Royal Order of the Red Branch of Eri R. Ven. Bro. William C. Rowney
Commander General of the Masonic Order of the Bath R. Ven. Bro. Edward J. Burt
Grand Bung of Ye Ancient Order of Corks V. Ven. Bro. George Sinden