Degrees and Orders

Degrees and Orders under the jurisdiction of AMD Canada:

Given under the direction of the Sovereign Master of each Council and in accordance with the Constitution and Regulations of the Order. 

Administration Degree:

  • St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • Installed Master of St. Lawrence

Optional Degrees:

  • Knight of Constantinople
  • Grand Tyler of Solomon
  • Excellent Master
  • Masters of Tyre
  • Architect
  • Grand Architect
  • Superintendent
  • Sovereign Master's Degree

Royal Order of the Red Branch Of Eri:

given under the direction of the Enlightened Knight Commander, the Knight Degree is performed at the Annual Assembly of the Order or by the D.D.G.M. in each District. There is no degree connected to the other appellations.

  • Man At Arms: (M.A.A.) - included with AMD membership.
  • Esquire Degree: (ESQ.) - included with AMD membership.
  • Knight: (Kt.) any AMD Brother may take this degree. It is a necessary qualification for Sovereign Master.
  • Knight Commander: (K.C.) any Knight who has been a Sovereign Master for one full term. Necessary qualification for D.D.G.M..
  • Knight Grand Cross: (KGC) any Knight Commander who has been elected to Grand Council.
  • Supreme Grand Cross: (SGC) any Knight Grand Cross who has been installed as Sovereign Grand Master of the Order.

The Masonic Order of the Bath &
Ye Antient Order of Corks:

are Special Councils which exemplify purely fun degrees. These degrees are conferred exclusively at the Annual Assembly of the AMD of Canada.